Sunday, September 23, 2018

Schutte the Unromantic - Katy Schutte

Schutte the Unromantic - Katy Schutte

Right from the get-go, Katy Schutte, self-proclaimed 'catastrophist', engages and enthrals her audience. Avoiding the all-too-common comedy mishap of milking a moment for too long, this show instead offers a non-stop patter of witty remarks, peppered exhilaratingly with twists and turns. Oh, and a few tubes of Love Hearts thrown in for good measure...

The good old-fashioned mixtape, a reliably beloved but perhaps generationally exclusive prop, becomes the vehicle through which Schutte recounts her romantic history. From secondary-school boyfriend, to University antics, to messy and farcical 'adult' relationships, she has a song for it all. Some impressive rapping skills surface at several points, the lyrics of which would be better omitted here. But take my word for it, it was pretty awe-inspiring. And Schutte's talent isn't limited to rehearsed material, or even to the stage; she seemed confident in improvising, quipping at the audience's behaviour, and, much to everyone's delight, parted with her boombox at one point to waltz with an audience member. Bravo!

Her show isn't all pop songs and wisecracks, though; there are some moments of genuine feeling, conveyed with admirable vulnerability and honesty. We learn of her brother's life-changing diagnosis, for example, which, as well as providing some pretty illuminating insight and life advice, bridges the gap between audience and performer. Schutte strikes a fine balance, managing to seem both down-to-earth and entertainingly complex in a Rom-Com kind of way. I, at least, felt as though I was spending the evening catching up with a lovely, chaotic, zany, chirpy pal.

Katy Schutte is brilliant. Catch her if you can!

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